A Summer of Stories!

Summer stories

Ah, Summer! It’s a time for outdoor adventures in the park, trips to the seaside, and making sunny memories that will last a lifetime. Keep some issues of Storytime by your side for when you’re lazing around in the shade and you are guaranteed the best Summer ever! Here is our countdown of some of our favourite Summery things… and the stories you can read about them!

7. Seagulls
Well, they’re not our favourite thing in the world, but they certainly make eating a treat on the beach a lot more exciting! Emily Cooper’s ‘The Seaside Scallywags’ from Storytime #47 is a story all about a seagull called Sidney who loves scavenging for your ice creams and hot chips! 

6. Sunshine
We should get plenty of it this year – and sometimes it’s possible to get too much sun! For a reminder of how lovely and comforting the sun is to us all, read ‘The Wind and the Sun’ from Storytime #12. Like the boy in the story, we can’t help but smile and take our coats off when touched by those lovely warm rays… 

5. Mermaids
Well, we can’t guarantee that you will actually see any mermaids at the beach this Summer! But imagining the lovely undersea life these creatures lead is a great way to add some magic to a seaside holiday. We have featured many mermaid tales, including ‘The Little Mermaid’ (Storytime #24), ‘Melusine’s Mystery’ (Storytime #48) and ‘The Mermaid and the Boy’ (Storytime #70). Enjoy these stories about how it’s better down where it’s wetter! 

4. Seashells
There are so many of them, and no two are alike. Alfred, Lord Tennyson wrote a lovely poem called ‘Minnie and Winnie’, about two little girls who use a seashell as a bed. Check it out in Storytime #23…

3. Sandcastles
You haven’t really been to the beach unless you have built a sandcastle… which was then washed away by the tide. (Never mind, you can build another one tomorrow.) For inspiration, read ‘The Sandcastle’ from Storytime #48!

2. Staycations
If you can’t get away this summer, remember that going on holiday is a state of mind! In ‘Tom Thumb’s Teeny Holiday”, from Storytime #60, our little hero has a fun summer holiday in his neighbourhood. Why not try out a mini-vacation in a park or garden? All you need is some treats, an umbrella, and a towel to lie on!

1. Playgrounds
Even if you aren’t going to the beach or embarking on a camping trip, a playground is a world of fun – and there are plenty of other kids to play with, too! ‘Playgrounds’ by Laurence Alma-Tadema in Storytime #46, is a all about the wonders that you can find there. School is off and you can play all summer long!

We hope that these stories will inspire you to enjoy this summer in full – wherever you are! All we need to make it perfect is a little bit of sunshine and a good story! We can help with the latter. Join our adventures and don’t forget your sunscreen! Happy Summer of stories everyone!

Happy reading,

The Storytime team